2015 CSJP Agencies:



"This internship has opened my eyes to the world of nonprofit work, and I think it is a world that does not get as much credit as it should. My life has been forever changed by this experience!"
-Shanna, Texas A&M University

"I was touched by my philanthropy and will never forget the things I learned!"
-Kelly Ann, Southern Methodist University

"This program helped me so much on developing professionally, and I learned many valuable lessons that I will use in the future."
-Courtney, Texas A&M University

"I truly did enjoy my internship this summer. It taught me so much. I love the CSJP team, my supervisor, the staff and the overall organization. I am very grateful!"
-Jasmine, Texas Christian University

"The leaderships development sessions were on point, and my overall experience was unforgettable. Thank you."
-Zachary, Southern Methodist University


"I absolutely love this program! It is a Godsend for the nonprofits and such a learning experience for the students! Win-win!
-Elizabeth, RISD Excellence in Education

"Because we had a summer intern, my agency was able to get a jump on our marketing plan for next season and make significant strides on new incentives for our donors and subscribers. We will definitely miss her!"
-Tina, Kitchen Dog Theater

"The most impactful thing my intern has done this summer is to be invaluable in assisting the DCNT in getting a tremendous amount of tasks done. Without her here, we would not have been able to do all that we did. She was indispensable!"
-Pam, Dance Council of North Texas

"Many thanks for helping our agency to accomplish more this summer!"
-Eileen, Retina Foundation of the Southwest